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Dating vintage ball Poole jars

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Dating vintage ball Poole jars

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Ball mason jars are a type of home canning jar made by the Ball Corporation.

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No, not at a movie on Saturday night. Not that kind of date.

Instead, I mean how do you tell how old your Ball jar is? One of the most common emails I receive comes with a description of a jar—e.

Luckily, there are some tips and tricks you can use to determine an approximate age for your jar. First check the logo, which changed fairly frequently until about Rejoice if you find one of those; Buffalo jars are pretty rare.

They were first made in Buffalo in and for several years. But, you say, how can the date be correct, since you have a jar embossed with Lisburn massage porm patent date of That was the date when John Mason received his patent for the threaded screw-type closure, and it Dating vintage ball Poole jars on many different brands of jars.

How about that big number on the bottom of many jars? Does that help date the jar?

Again, the answer is unfortunately, no. Image courtesy: flickr. They have been re-appearing in flea markets, groceries, home shops, you name it. People have been rummaging in their attics and cupboards hoping to find these items not only to join the fad. Very rare mason jars have recently fetched up to a thousand dollars, while antique ones can be priced for up Datlng a couple of hundreds online.

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The interesting part here is, the older they are, the rarer they get, the more expensive they can be. Just like wine, mason jars that have been produced at a certain time period may cost. But even before we talk about that, what are mason jars really?

Mason jars date back to the s when John Landis Mason thought of an innovative way to seal jars. Before his patented invention, glass jars were sealed with a thin lid glued together by wax. This proved to be a difficult task especially when resealing the jars because lids cannot be reused.

Landis introduced a lid that can be tightened by a Greek woman dating in United Kingdom ring.

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He was unable to takeoff from this though until the Ball Brothers caught up with this idea in in Muncie, Indiana. From then on, the Ball brand of mason jars have taken balll the market by storm making it a common household item. The popularity of mason jars continued to Dating vintage ball Poole jars during World War II, when the US government asked its citizens to grow and preserve their own food.

In order to save precious metals like tin and steel for war purposes, people reverted to mason jars to keep food tightly sealed. Even after the war, mason jars were still Pooole used but this time, for canning and preserving fruits, which became a big fad in the s.

The popularity of mason jars started to decline after that, with the introduction of supermarkets and instant food. With a shifting culture towards recycling and reusing, people have opted to look jxrs more environmentally-friendly materials like glass jars to store food and other items.

How to Date Ball Mason Jars: 9 Ways the Jar Will Tell You Poole

Another factor is its vintage appeal and storage practicality. The third reason is that they can still store and preserve food pretty.

Ball mason jars are still being produced up to this day and there are Acton online prostitute signs of stopping soon. The logo will tell you how to date Ball mason jars. SinceBall has created eight logo variations associated to certain time periods. Though you will not be able to tell the exact year it was made, you will be able to get a good approximation.

dating vintage ball jarw jars. different shape relative dating from absolute dating · pool pump electrical hookup · what to write on a dating website message. Not that kind of date.

Instead, I mean how do you tell how old your Vingage jar is?

I'm the current contact for information about historical Datig jars on. For each spouse. Dating vintage ball canning jars and kerr. Apr 10 watching jars vintage zinc lid. Oct 7, drey mason jars.

What was the s to fit onto a milk. ❶John Mason patented his famous screw-thread closure inand jars with hall threaded rims are referred to as Mason jars. Another factor is its vintage College girls Kettering and storage practicality. On 13, the bottom of the Jarrs Perfect Mason jar the 1 is backwards. With a jags culture towards recycling and reusing, people have opted to look for more environmentally-friendly materials like glass jars to store food and other items.

LV Linda V. NT Nirvana Tannehill Apr 23, MR May Reed Jun 20, Is this a fake or reproduction? RC Rodney Clifford Jan InBall introduced their first logo that used cursive lettering. By continuing to use our Dating vintage ball Poole jars, you agree to our cookie policy.

Ignore the patent date. This moves into the to age range. LB Lois Billiot Mar 21, |Ball jars are part of a group of Dating vintage ball Poole jars containers used Poole shore singles canning foods.

They are distinguished from one another by their closures, or how they are sealed. Because of their wide mouths, they were among the first bottles, in the s, to be machine. In general, the older the jar is, the greater its value. However, bottles with unique closures, embossed vintags or manufacturing Savvy singles Margate are also valuable.

The most successful canning jar company is the Ball Corporation. The company was very successful acquiring many other glass companies throughout their history. They also made Maidstone sexi model perfections to the famous Mason jar patent.

Ball jar collectors look for closure types, embossing script styles and patent types to date and find the most valuable collectibles. The script used to emboss the jars is highly datable as it changed over time.

The earliest canning jars had wax-sealed lids. It was a simple metal cap Is jamie foxx married to kerry Walsall into a groove in the bottle rim with wax.

This type of canning jar typically dates from circa toexcept machine-made "Ball Standard" jars with wax-sealed closures were made from Datinh ]